Flood Runner 5

Flood runner 5 is the fifth game in the very popular Flood Runner series. This game has added all the improvements from the previous games but has also added improvements of it’s own to make it one of the best games in the series.

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What it’s about

Keep one step ahead of the standard flood, lava, and a giant in various levels in this game. It’s not going to be easy and you’re going to need a lot of good timing and fast running to keep one step ahead of the things that are constantly chasing you down.

Various Enemies

Aside from the giant that is constantly chasing you there are a lot of enemies littered throughout the levels that are out to get you or at least to slow you down and keep you from escaping the flood. Stay one step ahead of these things and try to kill them when you can to increase your score and earn more money.

Bats: These opponents are all over the levels and are flying around constantly. If you nudge them they will damage you. But if you jump over them and bounce on them they can be killed. These are opponents from the previous game.

Snakes: Step on these snakes on the ledges while running and you will take damage. Simply jump over them to avoid damage.

flood runner 5

Bananas: Just like the snake only worse as you can slip. Not only do you take damage but you can also slip and your progress can be slowed down considerably.

Spikes: same as the snake. You take damage when you step on it.

Boxing glove: this glove can propel you and give you a jump boost on the positive. On the negative, you will take damage when you step on it. Just like the bats and the bananas, this is a returning enemy.

Things that can help you

It’s not all enemies in this game. There are also things that can benefit you in the game. Use these things to your advantage.

The surfboard: As in previous games, the surfboard returns. If you get swallowed up by the flood, if you have a surfboard icon, you will be returned to life. But if you drown and you have none, it’s game over.

The trampoline: Step on this object and get an instant jump boost. It’s great for giving you a lot of distance between you and the flood.

The shield: As long as you have this icon you cannot take any damage. It’s useful for obvious reasons but it doesn’t last forever.

The glider: This glider allows you to glide after a jump increasing your distance after a jump. It’s also great for getting to platforms that are long in distance.

Kill enemies all in a row and collect coins while not drowning and you’ll get on fire. In this mode, any coins you get are doubled so this is great for increasing your score.

The achievement system returns as in the previous game. Achieve certain requirements in the game and you can unlock some achievements.

How to play flood runner 5


Graphics and sound

As always the graphics are very colorful and clear. The animations are very crisp and clear. The animations of your character running and jumping over opponents looks very good. The sound is also very clear with the sound effects coming in very well. The music in the levels are also very catchy and easy to listen to.

Age Appropriateness

Unlike Run Ninja Run,  which is a pretty violent game,  kids and adults of all ages can play Flood Runner  without any shock whatsoever. There are no overtly violent scenes that can shock. It’s just all about timing to succeed in this game.


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