Flood Runner 2

The second in the series

Flood runner 2 is the follow up to the first Flood Runner game. If you played the first game, you’ll immediately notice a lot of improvements and gameplay elements added here to the sequel. It’s clear the maker of the game added a lot to make the game a lot more playable and it shows.

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What it’s about

The game premise is still the same as the first Flood Runner. It’s still the same character¬† running against the flood. This time there’s another character to select, which immediately shows one new element introduced in the game.

A lot of new stuff

Aside from the new character, there are a lot more new elements that add to the simple premise of outrunning a huge flood out to swallow you up. Here is a rundown of the new elements in the game.

Two selectable characters

There is one new character added to the game. The characters play the same.

A new wings/ glider feature

Aside from the jump and double jump ability, the characters now have a built in glider. The glider can be used when you have run a certain distance and collected a certain number of gems (another new feature). Once the meter of the glider has been filled up this way you can use it. Use it to gain distance quickly between you and the raging flood.

The Surfboard

Like the glider, the surfboard can be used after a short distance has been covered. This surfboard is used automatically the first time the flood swallows you up. It’s a last resort to give you a chance to continue the game. Be careful however as you can only use the surfboard once. This makes sure that it’s still recommended to just avoid the wave at all costs.

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Gems, springs, and ramps

The first game had a very bare background. Here in the second game that’s not the case anymore. The background is littered with gems to increase your score and use the glider and surfboard. The coins multiply your score depending on their color. The yellow gems don’t improve it much. The purple ones multiply the score by 5000 while the multi colored¬† ones increase it by 10000. There are also built in ramps and springs all over the level to give you a boost. Hopping on these things at the right time can really put a great distance between you and the flood.

Oil slick

It’s not all positive on the background for you however. There are also oil slicks littered about. Step on these and you can slip, giving the flood time to catch up to you. Jump over them to avoid slipping.


There’s also a speedometer now that can track your speed and progress in the game as well.

Different control scheme

The control scheme has been greatly simplified. Now you can just press spacebar to jump and double jump. Or press and hold to glide with the glider. There is also now the option to use the mouse as well. Simply press the left click button on the mouse to jump if you select the mouse control scheme.

Graphics and Presentation

The game still resembles it’s predecessor but the graphical improvements are there. The new elements in the background attest to this. Also there’s now an option to color the flood. You can color it red , or green depending on your preference.

Also there is finally sound in the game! The sounds are appropriate for the game.

Age appropriateness

Like the first Flood Runner, Flood Runner 2 is very appropriate for all ages.


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