Flood Runner 3

Flood runner 3 is the follow up to the second Flood Runner game. If you’ve played the previous 2  games, you’ll see a whole lot of improvements, elements, and generally new stuff added to this game. Whereas, with the first 2 games looked very similar to each other, this game looks completely different from it’s predecessors. You will immediately notice the effort put into making this game very different.

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What it’s about

The game premise is still the same as the previous Flood Runner games. The character still races against the  raging floods but there are a lot of noticeable differences now.

A lot of new stuff

New character design and graphics

The character is not in stick drawing form as before. Now he is fully animated and full of color. The backgrounds are also fully rendered and detailed in full animation and color. Better graphics all over the game will be the first noticeable difference you’ll see.

More platforms to jump on

The platforms have various levels now. Whereas before they were only one level of platforms, now there are a lot of platforms you can jump onto. There ara platforms above you and even when you fall below there are a lot of platforms below. So falling and missing a ledge doesn’t always mean the flood will swallow you up.

No more surfboard

Unlike the previous game where a surfboard could save you the first time you die, it has now been replaced with air columns that can bring you back up to higher platforms if you fall to very low platforms. This makes the game a little harder to play as the surfboard guaranteed you at least an extra life.

New control scheme

Controls are now very responsive as you can switch between the mouse or the directional keys. You can now use the right key to accelerate your run. And now jump with the up key. Left key slows down your run.

Enemies to kill

There are actually enemies to defeat in later levels. And you can even sometimes ride a dragon when you hear it roar.

Achievement and reward system

The game now has goals and achievements that you can unlock. Perform certain tasks in the game to unlock the achievements.

Flood Runner 3

Other miscellaneous new stuff

There are other new gameplay elements that have been added like score multipliers that actually can regain your health and actually being on fire. All these new elements in the game make you truly feel like you’re playing a completely different game. There are also other elements in the ledges and platforms that can really get you in trouble like banana peels as well.

Old stuff that make a comeback

The glider makes a return in this game. So it’s still a good idea to charge it up and glide when the wave is close to you to quickly give yourself some distance from the raging flood. The speedometer at the bottom of the screen also makes a comeback. This is a good indication of how fast you should go to avoid getting swallowed up by the flood.

As with previous games you can also submit your high scores and post them online for bragging rights.

Overall and Age Appropriateness

Overall this game is very fun to play. The new gameplay elements and the great graphics make for very engaging and addicting gameplay. Kids are also encouraged to play this game as there are no violent scenes. The animation and presentation of the game make it very age appropriate for all ages.

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