Flood Runner 4

Flood runner 4 is the fourth game in the very popular Flood Runner series. This game has added all the improvements from the previous games, added it’s own and introduced an upgrade system to your running character making this probably the most challenging game of the series yet.

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What it’s about

As always control your character and keep one step ahead of the flood. Here you actually keep one step ahead of a T Rex that is constantly chasing you. When you get to the lower platforms lava is chasing you and as you descend down, it’s the old standard flood that is trying to drown you.

A lot of new stuff


Gameplay wise, the game has actually changed a little bit from it’s previous successors. The core objective and gameplay of outrunning the flood is still there. The challenge of keeping one step ahead while jumping over stuff or trying to land on a platform is still here and as challenging as ever.

But as you play you will notice some very noticeable differences. The main difference gameplay- wise is the addition of the new upgrade system. In previous games, getting a glider, the double jump or the surfboard was a given. As soon as you started the game, these options were immediately available.

In this new incarnation, that’s just not the case anymore. Now you will have to earn those things and other notable helpful abilities like the shield or wall climbing by running a certain distance or collecting a certain amount of coins. Just like some mobile games such as Giri Giraffe, Jetpack Joyride¬†and more.

Once you have earned the abilities you can use them. But only the glider is added as a skill you can constantly use. The others like the shield and the surfboard just pop up as icons on the level. Once you run over them you can then use them. This upgrade system makes the game a little harder as the skills now have to be earned before you can use them.

flood runner 4


Enemies and other stuff

Now enemies can also give you a hard time aside from the flood. Running on enemies like bats will damage your health bar. Jumping over them however, will kill them. Other enemies like the plant can actually eat you once you run on them. So be very careful with this.

There is also a trampoline now which when stepped on can give you a good automatic jump in the air. This can give you good distance immediately. There is also the boxing glove. Watch out for this part of the background as though it gives you a jump like the trampoline, it will punch you inflicting damage.

The air columns return and they are exactly the same. As in the previous game, gliding on an air column will let you be able to fly back up to higher levels. The wall climb ability is also very useful. Once wood like walls appear on the screen you can climb them using the up button. This is also useful to get you to higher ground.

Kill enemies, run a far distance and get a lot of coins and you will get on fire. In this state your score multiplier increases raising your score very significantly.

The achievement system also returns so by achieving certain goals you can unlock achievements in the game.

As always, you can post high scores online.


Overall, with the new upgrade system, the game gets just a little challenging. You’ll have to earn your rewards in this installment in the Flood Runner series. But it’s all right, because the core gameplay of jumping and running is intact.


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