Flood Runner 6

Flood runner 6 is the sixth game in the very popular Flood Runner series. The series has gone a long way since it’s very first release. Many additions have been added since then and Flood Runner 6 continues this tradition. The game is just as challenging and just as exciting to play.

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What it’s about

Just as in the other games, there is a flood that is trying to chase you down constantly. You must keep one step ahead of the flood as always. If you don’t land on a platform you don’t get immediately swallowed up by the flood. There are four levels with their own separate platforms you can fall onto. By the fourth level if you still fall, the flood will finally swallow you up.


As always you must outrun the flood. You can speed up your run at anytime but you’ll always have to jump as fast as you can. If you run fast but don’t jump in time you’ll still eventually get swallowed up.

As in the previous game, the upgrade system remains. So you will have to earn the glider and the surfboard as usual. The shield also returns to give you temporary invulnerability. The coins and money earning system to purchase the upgrades also make a comeback so keep collecting the coins.

There are some new additions like the ability to use a gun for a limited time. But just as the other upgrades, you’ll have to earn the ability thorough collecting enough coins.

It is a relief however that once you gain the skills you can use them continuously. Without the abilities to gain, the game would be a bit hard to play, especially with the new opponents that are all over the levels. It’s notable that there are a lot of snakes and spiky thorns you can now step on in the levels. There is also a patch of glue on some levels that can immobilize you for a time and this can really get you stuck. This can get you swallowed up by the flood immediately. These new obstacles and enemies added with the banana and oil slick in previous games make the game a lot more challenging than the previous ones.

flood runner 6

The old elements in previous games also return in this game.

The air current that can carry you back up to higher levels returns. This can really be a big boost especially if you fall down really low on a level. The trampoline also makes a return. Run over this and you will get an extra jump boost that’s farther and higher than the average jump.

The boxing glove also returns in this game. Run on it and watch yourself jump higher and farther as well. It’s just like the trampoline. Only you wouldn’t want to use it too frequently as unlike the trampoline, with the boxing glove you will take damage. If you take too much damage your life bar will be drained and it will be game over.

Graphics and Presentation

As always, the graphics are clear, sharp, and colorful. There’s a lot of eye candy in the game which makes it very attractive to play. The graphics have gone along way from the first game and it clearly shows. The game over scene of getting drowned is not overly violent and this makes the game very suitable for all ages to play.

The sounds are crisp and clear. The in-game music is very catchy. You’ll find yourself humming to the tunes the moment you play the game.


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