Games like Flood Runner

The Flood Runner series

Flood Runner started a very successful series of running and jumping games. The basic premise of the game is very simple. You simply run to avoid a flood and when you are faced with a ledge you have to jump to the next ledge. Miss the ledge and you fall and the flood swallows you up. As more games were added to the series, the games added new improvements like a surfboard that saved you on the first time you died. Or a glider that allowed you to jump then glide to reach faraway ledges. There was also a trampoline added, along with a shield that gave temporary invulnerability. All this plus a lot of better graphics added up to a successful series of games. But the core gameplay of running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles remained the same.

As the games progressed more games also came out with the same core gameplay. Their gameplay and mechanics may have been different in some parts but the core gameplay of jumping at the right time was still there. Following are some similar games to Flood Runner.

Brave Run:

temple run brave

The game is presented in the form of the popular animated movie Brave, but the gameplay is very similar to Flood Runner. Just like Flood Runer the main character is constantly running and on the move. There’s no way to hit the brakes so don’t even try to stop. At first all you’ll have at your disposal is the up key to jump. The screen is constantly scrolling to the right, just like the flood in flood runner. As you keep running, you’ll have to deal with rocks and water puddles. This will initially seem like a real challenge which will truly require some timing to get.

But as the game progresses you are given upgrades like armor to not get hit by the rocks anymore and better shoes to avoid slipping when you reach a puddle. Best of all, you also gain a double jump to get to ledges even if you pressed the jump button too early. The upgrades make the game a lot easier as you keep playing. The similarities to Flood Runner are very noticeable.

Fat Ass Run:

fatass run run game

This game is also similar to Flood Runner but there are some clear differences. Just like Flood Runner you need to run a considerable distance. But the setting of the game is rather unique. This is because the setting is a fat man trying to lose weight by constantly jogging. The presentation is a bit unique as if you run over healthy foods, he gets thinner but if you run over unhealthy foods he gets fatter. Still the basic concept of running and avoiding some obstacles is very similar to Flood Runner. The presentation and some elements is just different.

Lego Running 3D:


In this 3d running game you control the lego man as he runs around various levels collecting coins. There are also a lot of obstacles to jump over and even slide under. And just like Flood Runner, he is constantly running and moving. There are also a lot of coins and icons to collect to improve or at least help the Lego man get through. The only difference that’s notable is that it is a 3d game while the Flood runner games were all 2d games. Other than that, the basic gamplay and objectives are very similar. What you need to succeed in Flood Runner you’ ll also need to succeed here in Lego Running 3D. It’s still all about the timing here as well.


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